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Birthdate:Mar 24
Location:Florida, United States of America
Chumming the waters of academia, and likely to discuss that here. Rarely.

Practically panfandom, more a lurker than an actual presence.

I don't post often, and I comment rarely-usually only if I know you. My posts usually relate to grad school, though that hasn't always been the case and if I survive my last six months of coursework, that could definitely change. Lately I've been posting about writing and teaching--if you like vicariously experiencing the horrors of grad school in the humanities, welcome!

Current squee: Gossip Girl, Reality TV Dancing Shows, Teaching, Harry Potter, vids.

Friend if you like; defriend if you like. If I friended you, it's because I find you interesting. No pressure. Feel free to contact me if I defriend you, but no histrionics, please.

Interests (147):

aa, academia, activism, addiction, alterity, androgyny, angel, anime, babylon 5, bad dancing movies, band of brothers, batman, battlestar galactica, batverse, bdsm, beta, boarding school slash, bollywood, bruno/boots, buffy, cigarettes, class, comics, coming of age, creation, cultural studies, dead zone, deadwood, death note, depression, desire, due south, escapism, ex machina, fandom, fanfiction, fantasy, feminism, film studies, firefly, first times, freaks & geeks, fullmetal alchemist, gender studies, genderfuck, german, gilmore girls, globalization, gossip girl, guilt, happy dance, harry potter, healing, hedonism, heroes, heteronormative paradigm, highlander, hikaru no go, hornblower, iconography, icons, identity, impotent rage, indie music, kink, la femme nikita, late capitalism, liminality, linguistics, literature, macdonald hall, manga, mars, masculinism, massage, media, meditation, meta, mi-5, mixmaking, monster, my so-called life, neocreativism, new media, new york, ninja-fu!, nip/tuck, nocturne_alley, nraged, ontology, orthography, otp, peace, pedagogy, perception, performance, pirates of the carribean, play, please save my earth, popslash, post-postmodernism, postcolonialism, postmodernism, power, prince of tennis, procrastination, protest, queer theory, queerness, recovery, revolution, robin, rps, sandman, screwing the system, self-actualization, semiotics, sex, ships & swords, slash, smoking, sports night, squee, stargate atlantis, teaching, terminally sad bastard, the other, the real, the sentinel, theater, theory, therapy, timmay, transcendence, transformation, unsquickable, utah, veronica mars, vidding, west wing, whistle!, wonder woman, words, y the last man, yami no matsuei, yoga, zen
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